The BEST Way to Join the Brothers

The BEST Way to Join the Brothers 150 150 Chris Corder

Pastor David Bendett brings his men each year, with life-transforming results. At CMN, we minister not for reaction, but for results. Here’s the best way to attend:

Build your men’s group, or the lives of your own family and friends, this November 8-10. CMN is pastor-led and local-church focused, to build strong men, that make strong families, that create strong churches. Strong churches transform the culture of your community.

Here’s how it works:

You can save over $2000 when you bring 10 men to Lions Roar–plus the pastor attends FREE. It includes the full $45 Meal Deal, and the entire Summit benefits. That means, for $111 each, you, your friends, your neighbors and buddies, can all attend–and your pastor attends FREE. That’s HALF OFF the normal rate!

Buy the group rate TODAY, keep inviting people right up until November 8!

With that savings, you can treat yourself to attend the Business Success Summit for only $125–get up close with high-impact leaders who have conquered corporate, franchise, finance, development, and other careers, as strong Christian men. Or you could send your pastor to the Pastors Roundtable that over-delivers each year with pastors getting up close and personal with the high-impact speakers, ministering exactly to meet your church’s needs.

Why wait? There’s no reason. Register yourself or a group TODAY.

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