Robert Barriger


Over twenty years ago, Pastor Robert Barriger and his family moved from the US to Peru, first as missionaries then as pastors of what has become one of the largest churches in the nation and one of the most influential in Latin America, Camino de Vida, with over 10,000 members. Robert and teams from Camino de Vida have planted hundreds of other churches across Peru, including in the jungles and among the most underserved parts of the population. They have also launched many community-relief projects. Two Camino de Vida orphanages have graduated their first residents from the university and have been honored for their excellence by the government. Camino de Vida has built homes for addicted, abused and abandoned women, and run other thriving projects such as free medical care, free inoculations, and free wheelchair distribution. Pastor Robert is now a sought-after speaker at some of the largest Christian conferences in the world. His children have married Peruvians, and his wife, children and grandchildren are all involved in the ministry in Peru.