Watch the webinar featuring CMN brothers from around the world to make you STRONGER

Is the life you’re leading now the full capacity of what you have inside? Do you know that God made you to be STRONGER?

STRONGER mindset

STRONGER capacity

STRONGER anointing


STRONGER leadership




STRONGER freedom

STRONGER brotherhood

STRONGER perseverance

STRONGER walk with God


We’ve weathered some uncertain days in 2020. But are you ready to get off “pause” and push “play”? We invite you to a turnaround event online Nov 5-7. 1:00PM Thursday to 1:00PM Friday.

Like Elijah calling fire from heaven – we’ll be fired up to be stronger.

The Lions Roar Global Summit by Christian Men’s Network. Paul Louis Cole will be your host with a lineup of world class leaders like those on the video.

The theme is STRONGER. Building men with the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH. Men who do great exploits, men who challenge weakness, men who build.

Men are gathering from all over the world because they want to be STRONGER. These are brothers you just haven’t met yet. Join them.

We’ve been through massive changes in 2020, but NOVEMBER 5-7, IT’S ON. It’s TURNAROUND time.

Your choice – come to Dallas to join in person, or join online. Bring a group to Dallas, get a discount. Watch online for fifty bucks. Watch with a group for the same fifty bucks. It couldn’t be simpler.

The Lions Roar Global Summit is always life-changing, a pivot time for destiny. I invite you to be part of it.

Paul Louis Cole