The Global Summit for Biblical Manhood
November 3-5 Dallas, TX
Fervent in Spirit, Serving the Lord - Rom 12:11


★  Three full days. 28 World Class Speakers.
★  Nine breakout equipping sessions — FREE!
★  Three man-sized meals included.
★  FREE resources included.
★  Private follow-up men’s leadership coaching sessions.

We are in a culture that is at war with God. There is an incessant attack on the family, an increasing derision of manhood and a denial of God’s righteousness, love and justice. We don’t just need inspiration – we need a Jesus revelation in the hearts of men. The incarnation of Christ and His kingdom.

Against this rising tide of men’s issues, cultural chaos and deadly pandemic the pastors and men’s leaders of CMN are calling for men to rise up to their God-given calling – to bring light to the darkness, peace to the places of unrest, joy to those who mourn, unity where there is hate, freedom where there is bondage.

Join the men who are taking action. It’s the Lions Roar Global Summit on Biblical Masculinity. This is where you will meet men of like mind and spirit. Will be enlarged, equipped and accelerated. Finding new friends and new levels of strength.

Lions Roar is your defining moment. The event in which we declare a generation of men who love God and love others. “…fervent in spirit, serving the Lord!” Romans 12:11


PASTORS: Bring your three key leaders.

They will leave enlarged, energized and equipped to influence others and build a great church.

MEN: Bring your three best friends.

They will shed Covid PTSD and be charged up and ready to overcome the chaos of today’s culture.

Discipleship Intensive

Re-frame your leadership skills.
Discover Your personal strengths. Learn from world class leaders.


Intense equipping sessions that will give you tools to minister effectively to men. This is how to get the job done.

Ignite Growth

Grow yourself, your leaders, your church, your business.

Lions Roar 2022

The “Lions Roar” Global Summit is a soul-enlarging yet intimate time of brotherhood, meeting new friends and getting your heart fueled up with the passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Seating is limited. Online experience is available.

November 3-5, 2022

1:00pm Thursday to 1:00pm Saturday


Day sessions 1pm – 4:30pm
Evening session 7pm
(followed by full reception buffet)


Day sessions 8:30am – 4:30pm
(includes lunch)
One Heart women’s session 10:00am-2:00pm
Evening session 7pm


Day sessions 8am – 1pm
(Opens with breakfast)


BE IN THE ROOM WITH SOME OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST MEN OF FAITH AND STRENGTH. Meet and break bread with men who inspire you – men who motivate you to live a larger life. Sit with world-changers … and then let’s change the world.

Dale Bronner

Jon Tyson

Steve Weatherford

Michael Murphy

Jamaal Bernard

Robert Barriger

Blaine Bartel

John Binkley

Ryan Binkley

Steve Trevino

Mark Chironna

James Craft

Pierre DuPlessis

Jeff Forbes

Jeff Greenway

Ken Harrison

Budmaa Jigjidsuren

Otto Kelly

Walt Landers

Eddy Leo

Alex Mitala

Dale O’Shields

Javon Ruff

Doug Stringer


CMN is a brotherhood of like-minded men
Come meet men who will become friends for life.